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knit & Clean

A couple is sitting at home. Quite.She is knitting, .He is eating,  they're both staring into space. This has been going on for years, not a word is spoken and not a redundant motion.One day the woman lifts her head, a Naked man appears. Her husband doesn't notice a thing, She gathers up the courage to turn around and look him in the eye. Where did he came from? Why is she the only one that can see him? Step-by-step she is taken by the new man to a journey through all the things she has long forgotten. Created from the wool she knows so well. Her husband, continuing his routine. This is a continuing daily war against the daily routine itself. 

A quite theater in three voices, Using one clear and flexible tool, is realizing the need to tell a universal story, to challenge the theatrical language standing at our disposal expose a human fundamentals truth that is open to many interpretations.


"A fascinating and wonderful utilization of acting without text, in movement, refined gestures, suggestive expression. Constantly walking the line between humor and deadpan seriousness"

(zvi goren, "habama" website)

C U R R E N T   P R O D U C T I O N


In a small cozy room, a woman is celebrating her birthday. There's cake, candles, but there is no joy. She is desperately busy trying to take the perfect "Selfie". The world must see her happy, everybody must know. As her attempts grow more frantic and grotesque, she seems to lose touch with reality and her surroundings, she collapses into her own privet, self-scrutinizing inner world. She eats obsessively; break her body into excessive shapes, failing to find some comfort in herself.

All through the piece objects come flying in out of nowhere , cushions and clothes, they keep reminding her and confronting her with the outside world and herself. She is  under attack and must fight back. 



smoke like a man

A moment in the life of Frida Kahlo.


Moments after the doctors  inform her that they must cut down here leg, Frida runs away and locks herself in her  room. Throughout the physical pain, within the four walls closing in on her and while the doctors are knocking on the door, she is going on a  journey facing her sick body which is trapped and with the sick society she lives in.
Physical theater that reveals different aspects of the complex personality of a colorful and opinionated woman, independent and rebellious.


I'm Angelina Jolie

(for Ensamble Can)

What happens when you become a refugee? You walk.

True, in order to save your life—for example, as militants assault your village—you might first speed away by whatever conveyance possible. In the family car. Or in your neighbor’s fruit truck. Aboard a stolen bus. Inside a cart pulled behind a tractor. But eventually: a border. And it is here that you must walk. Why? Because men in uniforms will demand to see your papers. What, no papers? (Did you leave them behind? Did you grab your child’s hand instead?  It doesn’t matter. Get out of your vehicle. Stand over there. Wait. Now, papers or no papers, your life as a refugee genuinely starts: on foot, in the attitude of powerlessness.

a physical theater that  wishes to light not them but us. we wish to talk about the society that we live in. the way we treat the 'other' who seeks an asylum with in us but we see him as a  threat. on stage you won’t hear them- you will hear us. And Angelina Jolie.


Operation Silk Gloves

(co- director with Ido Burstein for Ensamble Can)


an intenational Israel Festival productin

Operation Silk Gloves uses Israel museum space as a dramatic action arena, inviting us to re-dream the largest cultural institution in our country. During the show we will return to the opening ceremony's celebration, we will meet some invisible characters, those whose voices we don't hear: A tough security guard, standing in constant alert, protecting the counry's treasures. A registerer who spends his days in giant underground warehouses, an over enthusiastic military cultural guide and more. The characters lead the viewers into the heart of the museum and during that journey their own personal stories emerge through all of their official talk. The altenative journey gives birth to a thought provoking, infuriating, exciting and amusing story about the art/institution power relations and the way they shape our identity.

Winner of "the independent theater awardes 2017- 

Best director & best playwright

“A thought-provoking, sensitive and touching play, that hits you right in the heart – The kind you just don’t forget.”

(Irmy Amir, Hamegafonn website, Channel B Radio)

“A play that proves that a small independent production, with only three actors can be full of creativity, beauty and talent, while getting us to think about things that matter- Extremely recommended!”

(Anat Mendel, Saloona website)

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